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Ken Mehlman snuggles up to 'nuke holy sites' Tancredo

“The fact is, we’re a big-tent party. I’m proud that we have debate in our party. I think debating the way to protect our borders and protect our national security is a good thing.”
Ken Mehlman, on Tom Tancredo

I guess GOP head Ken Mehlman doesn’t have a problem standing by his man Tom Tancredo, whose loose lips about nuke-happy diplomacy broke the bad taste meter. Tancredo later issued a standard non-apology apology — that was good enough for Ken-babe.

Some Muslims in Congressman Tom Tancredo’s Colorado district say they are not satisfied with his partial apology for remarks about bombing Mecca and other Islamic holy sites. At a weekend rally in Denver, Nation of Islam minister Gerald Muhammad told several hundred protesters that Tancredo “needs to be removed from office.” The congressman has been under fire since July 15, when he told a radio host that if Muslim terrorists attacked U.S. cities with nuclear bombs, “we could take out their holy sites.” Tancredo’s spokesman says the congressman told a Muslim group last Wednesday that he stood by his comments, but was sorry if anyone was offended. Republican Party chairman Ken Mehlman said Friday that the GOP welcomes Tancredo’s contribution to the debate on controversial issues.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding