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Black pastors begin to speak out for gay rights

Rev. James A. Forbes and Rev. Cari Jackson are trying to counter the homophobia coming from the pulpit of some black churches.

These voices are so sorely needed right now. For every Rev. Forbes willing to speak out for the rights of gays and lesbians, there are several Rev. Willie Wilsons out there, preaching outrageous bigotry and ignorance to people in the pews. The latter are unashamed of their unhinged public statements bashing gays, and some even form unholy alliances with the Religious Right on “saving marriage” initiatives. Finally, some movement in a positive direction in the relgious black community. (AP):

The words that the Rev. James A. Forbes chose to share with the roomful of black gay and lesbian faithful might have come straight from the civil rights struggles of the 1960s. Forbes reminded his listeners that discrimination has no place in this world and urged them to lay down the notion put forward by some black ministers that they are less favored by God.

“Your job is to get up every day and be grateful to God for your DNA,” Forbes said. “It took an artist divine to make this design!” Forbes, senior minister at the Riverside Church, was among several religious leaders and politicians who attended a revival meeting Sunday aimed at countering what organizers said was a surge in anti-gay rhetoric coming from pulpits in conservative parishes. The program for the event bore the pictures of 10 black men and women who were murdered, or severely injured, in recent years in attacks believed to have been motivated by their sexual orientation.

…Religious conservatives have chafed at similar comparisons between the gay rights movement, and civil rights struggles of the past. The issue has been an especially sensitive one in some predominantly black congregations, where pastors have maintained that homosexuality is a sin or a social disorder that should not be compared with race or ethnicity. Last winter, hundreds of black clergy attended summits aimed at opposing gay marriage held in cities across the country. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s youngest daughter even led a march through Atlanta to advocate a ban on gay marriage.

Speaking at the Riverside Church, the Rev. Cari Jackson of the Center of Spiritual Light said some conservative black clergy had, perhaps unintentionally, incited hate against lesbians and gays by repeatedly condemning them as sinners. “Like our slave ancestors,” Jackson said, “we are being spiritually, psychologically and physically abused.”

The Freepi couldn’t wait to weigh in on this one…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

Forbes reminded his listeners that discrimination has no place in this world
“What about discrimination against a child molester who wants to be your babysitter?”

“You don’t want to be at this church for the Laying On of Hands and the Speaking in Tongues.”

“A different kind of anointing indeed.”

“Sick, un-Christian and utterly outside the true church.”

“Agreed, and we have already seen what is happening to “progressive churches” that do pander to queers. They are losing support VERY FAST. “

“How in the **** can they compare slavery to this? Slave to their passions…maybe.”

“oh, fer cryin’ out loud…. There are black babies dyin in droves via abortion, bad education, bad parenting, black on black crime.. and this is the best the left black church can offer? These are HYSTERICS.. likening slavery to homosexuality. Slavery wasn’t a choice. This is hidious politicking at its worst, IMHO. It’s a social “tantrum”. And using the church to do so. Bad form. Again, as I’ve always said — these churches need to START THEIR OWN CHURCHES and stop doing hostile take-overs of established faiths. But that would involve “work”, and an openess of the secular left ideologic agenda. Can’t fool people with that…”

“proof positive that being wrong isn’t limited by the color of your skin.”

“He’s just remembering his days in prison.”

“Note that black preachers that disagree with the homosexual aganda will now be painted with the dreaded conservative word. That will hasten the move of blacks out of the Dem party.”

“‘Embrace’ homosexuality. That carries some disgusting connotations. How anybody who believes in the God of the Old and New Testament can condone this vicious unnatural perversion is totally beyond me.”

“It’s amazing how some of these black preachers have gotten on board with every racist and destructive aspect of the lefty agenda – especially the open genocide of black babies through Margaret Sanger’s “eugenic solution” as made manifest in Planned Parenthood – but I think this espousal of homosexuality could pull the masks off these phony lackeys for the left establishment. In reality, they are the “Uncle Toms” betraying their people for personal gain and should be despised.”

“There IS no comparison! Gays are economically better off than the average AMERICAN, let alone the average Black American. NOBODY knows what your sex life is like unless you tell them; they can’t tell by looking at you. Unlike skin color. This is why the Black community reject Gay claims by something like 90%. And most black gay men aren’t interested in long-term relationships. It’s about sex and “getting a freak on”. So, we don’t buy into this gay marriage movement, either.”

“What’s going on is that a few preachers want an entire FAITH to be changed to their way of thinking (i.e. homosexuality, beastiality, polygamy, infidelity, pederasty, et al aren’t sins). Instead, the ethical thing to do would be for those few preachers to go form their own new Church system.”

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