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Are any of you fine young men ready to sign up?

“You also understand that freedom must be defended, and I appreciate the Scouts’ long tradition of supporting the men and women of the United States military. Your generation is growing up in an historic time, a time when freedom is on the march, and America is proud to lead the armies of liberation. I believe we’re laying the foundations of peace for decades to come.”

— the Chimperor, recruiting Boy Scouts, at the organization’s national jamboree.

Gary at Facing South notes that Bush finally got his lazy butt over to bake with the Boy Scouts at their tragedy-laced Jamboree in Virginia. The pitiful thing is that the thief in chief used the opportunity to steer the youngsters toward a future career as RPG fodder.

What did they endure all this to hear? The president trying to pick up some really young recruits to solve the Pentagon’s manpower shortage (“Thousands of scouts have shown the highest form of patriotism by going on to wear the uniform of the United States…”), warning them about people (liberals) who might “question the values you learn in scouting,” and promising them that they, too, could grow up to be like former scouts Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

If you can stomach it, the entire transcript of Bush’s speech is here. I selected one particularly excruciating section for Blenders…

As President, I have the privilege to work with Scouts every day. When I come to the Oval Office in the morning, the first person I see is a Scout – my Chief of Staff, Andy Card, from the state of Massachusetts. (Applause.) Down the hall is Vice President Dick Cheney, a Boy Scout from Casper, Wyoming. (Applause.) And across the river at the Pentagon sits an Eagle Scout from Illinois who Americans count on to “be prepared” – Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. (Applause.)

Prepared, as in prepared for “you break it you own it,” right?

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