Bully boys

There can only be two reasons why the worst President in American history appointed the foot-stamping, tantrum-throwing, woman-abusing, serial-lying John Bolton to the UN.

One, he needs someone in the United Nations who, when we launch an air attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, will stand up in the UN and say, “What are you gonna do about it, pussies? Fucking Euro-faggots.” while Condoleeza Rice plays ‘good cop’ and explains that this was something we “had to do” more in sorrow than in anger. This way the neocons can keep their five-year boner up, while one of their chickehawk compatriots plays fake ‘diplomat’.

Second, the Bolton appointment is just another example of a spoiled rich kid who has spent his life being bailed out of bad situations without repercussions, refusing to listen to someone telling him, “No.”. This is no different when then when he was told to report for TANG duty and then chose to not show up because he didn’t get his way.

Actually, it’s probably a combination of the two.

From this point forward Democrats should fuck with every Bush appointee that comes before them. Kneecap them. Humiliate them. Drag out every rumor, true or false and make them walk knee-deep through the muck and the slime. Everyone who accepts an appointment from George Bush should go into it knowing that they’re going to get fucked over for the neighbors and family to see.

In his chickenshit manner, Bush made the appointment, and then ran out of town. The only thing more consistent than Bush’s arrogance, is his cowardice.

John puts it a bit more nicely.

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