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The scourge of meth, and the Bush Admin is MIA

Shakes Sis has a excellent post up about this Administration’s complete waste of millions DEA funds chasing marijuana production while methamphetamine is an all-American, home-cooked scourge that is devastating lives coast to coast.

Meth babies are the new crack babies, as 40% of child-welfare officials surveyed by the National Association of Counties reported an increase in out-of-home placements last year due to meth. Social services, law enforcement agencies, and drug rehabilitation programs struggle mightily against a lack of resources to combat the exploding problem of methamphetamine use, related crime, and meth manufacture, the latter of which is also of grave concern for the environment, with five pounds of toxic waste resulting for every pound of meth produced.

While these problems exponentially multiply in every region of the country, from rural areas to urban centers, the Bush administration drags its feet.

As I commented over at her pad, a friend of mine was living in a middle-class apartment complex and there was a meth lab bust in the apartment across the way. She was able to walk into the apartment before it was “rehabbed” for re-leasing, and the walls were completely black, the cabinets in the kitchen (where the meth was cooked) showed burns, and the whole place smelled awful. Think of how many people might have been killed if these meth dealers had inadvertently blown themselves up.

Here in NC, our House passed a bill to restrict access to pseudoephedrine, but I wonder if it will curtail meth production at all. For instance:

1) drug companies could get an exemption if they proved that their product isn’t likely to be used to make meth.

2) To buy cold medicines with pseudoephedrine, you’d have to show a photo identification and be at least 18. You could buy two packs at a time, or three in a month — up to 300 pills.

3) You would also have to sign your name and address on a form showing what and how much you bought. And you would be videotaped.

4) It allows the sale of all forms of pseudoephedrine in groceries and convenience stores.

Does this make any sense?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding