Brian of Ain’t No Bad Dude has a companion blog called The Lefty Directory (also known as the Library of Babble) that turned three years old today. Brian was blogging before blogging was, well, maybe not cool, but he was still way ahead of the curve, okay? 800+ links. Enough to keep you occupied all day…until your boss starts asking where the TPS reports are and if you got the memo about the cover sheets.

Meanwhile, here at Tbogg central, we broke the 4 million visit mark over the weekend. (The four millionth visitor will be getting a Hermes watch just as soon as Oprah picks it up for me). Four million is a lot unless you’re Kos who can get four million hits while he’s in the bathroom. If there is one thing that I have learned since I’ve been blogging it’s that it doesn’t hurt to put up a picture of a total babe like this

Hit magnet Posted by Picasa

…every once in awhile.

Come for the snark. Stay for the hot babe and crude sexual innuendoes.

That’s my motto…and I’m sticking to it.

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