Back in the game

When we last left our lil’ soccer muffin on Wednesday she was leaving the hospital on crutches and out for three to four weeks.

That was then, this is now. Meeting up with her mother in San Francisco she joined her team in Pleasanton for the College Showcase Tournamnet Yesterday she got her mother, the concerned but accommodating Mrs tbogg, to buy her a knee brace and then convinced her coach to let her go in and play a little as a sub. Today she played the entire game in a 1-0 win and fifty minutes in the second game in a 0-0 tie. She told me she was bored standing on the sidelines on crutches.

Tough cookie.

Of course when she gets back on Monday and I ask her to straighten up her room she’ll come up lame. You can bet the house on that one.

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