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Another blogger on the arson in Florida and supporting community in GA

House Blender Joe Tresh, a blogger and freelance photojournalist, also comments on the gay couple in Florida that had their home torched by bigots who left the spray-painted handiwork “Die Fag” on the steps. Joe, as Blender Mike Tidmus also did today, adds to the list of unfortunate anti-gay goings on. It touches on what I said in my original post on the Florida incident that gay folks and especially straight allies have to be willing to publicly defend their gay friends and acquaintances in less-tolerant environs for change to occur. Here’s an action item regarding a situation in Georgia from Joe:

As gay people, we need to reach out more to our neighbors. Mr. Day – sharing no blame for this, just trying to live a quiet life – may find there are neighbors who understand him and don’t hate him. He may find someone who thinks gay people are icky, who is beginning to become convinced of our alleged “immorality” because his church told him so. But by meeting Mr. Day and having a chance to see just another person who wants to live a peaceful life, perhaps the neighbor will question the blindness their church leaders are teaching them and accept their gay neighbors for who they are.

Meanwhile, in southern Georgia, somebody’s gay neighbors are trying to reach out, but Lamar Advertising Company won’t let them. Georgia Equality wants to buy billboards with pictures of gay doctors and firefighters that say “I protect you. And … I am gay. We Are Your Neighbors.” According to Lamar Advertising’s James Locke, this doesn’t meet community standards.

The fact that we exist does not meet community standards!

Call Lamar Advertising and tell them that they have gay neighbors who are part of the community standard. SHAME on them! Tell them how disgusted you are by their decision to deny our very existence!

Lamar Advertising Company
Corporate Phone Number: (225) 926-1000

Call the main number, use the company directory and leave a message for President Kevin P. Reilly Jr.

General Information: Theresa Doran
Contact their local offices and ask them what their community standards are.

We must be allowed to be seen for who we are. If we can’t, the hatred and violence will only escalate, and actions by companies like Lamar will be what fuels the fire.

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