My apologies to Michelle Malkin…

Mr. Schmidt dreams of a day
when he can smother his looney wife
and feed her body to the poodles.
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After viewing this I can no longer in good conscience call Michele Malkin, America’s Crazy-Assed Bitch&#153.

Jean Schmidt reminds of the mom of my friend John when I was growing up and how none of us would ever go to his house because we knew she was nuts and we didn’t want to possibly have to talk to her so we would wait out in the street. Her name was Mrs. Swingle and she used to harangue her husband and kids unmercifully. When I was in my twenties my mom called me and said that Mr. Swingle had been arrested for killing her. He was this meek little guy who just wanted to sit in his chair and read Cahiers du cinéma magazine and drink coffee and one day he had enough of her shit and he went into the garage and got an axe and came back in whacked her in the head with it from behind while she was watching TV. The he called the police.

True story.

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