The Plot To Destroy Genius

The Butt Bomber had to take precious time out from masturbating

I’ve always like the Sun newspaper, and not only for its Page 3 girls.

to point out that the MSM-LMNOP MOUSE are not paying enough attention to the attempt to assassinate the American DaVinci. Um. That would be Bush (squinty guy…kinda dumb. Immature. That Bush):

What I find rather weird about this is the almost total lack of coverage of his assassination attempt and subsequent capture in the American press. As best I can tell from a Google Search, the Washington Times is the only American newspaper that has even noted Arutyunyan’s arrest. How is it possible that American journalists have so little interest in an attempt to assassinate our President?

Well, maybe they read this:

During a conversation with the head of the Georgian police press center, Guram Donadze, who was quoted by Izvestia newspaper, Arutyunyan apparently said: “I will tell you why I did it. Because Bush is a prick!”

,,,and they had to admit that, when you get down to it, the guy really had a point.

Then again, if Arutyunyan had managed to kill the Butt BuzzBomb’s President we would have been forced to invade Georgia, which has it’s upside. I’ve been wanting someone to kick Saxby Chambliss’s chickenhawk ass.

Rocket Rump Ranger also adds:

The only parallel I can think of is the ho-hum attitude that journalists showed toward Saddam Hussein’s attempt to assassinate former President George H. W. Bush–which was, in my view, more than ample reason to oust Saddam from power. Coverage of the disclosure of that attempt was so sparse that I would guess many Americans have no idea that Saddam tried to murder the former President.

Well, we were never really that fond of H.W.Bush which is why we let him go after four years because we thought the company country needed to move in another direction and it was best for both parties to part ways and explore other opportunities.

Really it’s been swell. Stop by someday and we’ll have lunch.

Just call first.

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