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Wingnuttery in Massachusetts

Oh, please. The latest from AgapePress.

A Massachusetts pro-family group is urging Clear Channel Communications to take down a billboard in the Boston area that advertises a pornographic homosexual website. The large sign that stands along Massachusetts avenue near the M.I.T. campus in Cambridge features two nude men embracing while wrapped in an American flag. The slogan on the sign reads, “Come together.”

Brian Camenker of the conservative group Article 8 Alliance points out that the billboard is situated so anyone driving or riding through town could see it. He says the sign’s suggestive imagery is “pretty disgusting,” but beyond that, “ is — I don’t think you want to go and see what it is.”

What is, Camenker explains, is “a pornographic homosexual website [where members] pay to learn how you can ‘hook up’ with other guys –and it talks about all kinds of pretty disgusting products and homosexual pornography.” He is urging pro-family activists to call or write Clear Channel and express their disapproval of the billboard, with its promotion of the homosexual porn site and its desecration of the American flag.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding