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These women do not deserve to be mothers, part 4

Channoah Alece Green was charged with hit and run and felony child neglect. (Photo: Virginia State Police – Virginia State Police). The greeting on her answering machine with her son: “Praise the Lord,” and ending with mother and son urging callers to “have a blessed day.”

A couple of Blenders passed this one on to me. Really, it’s time to study what is going on in these cases where mothers are deliberately placing their children in harm’s way (hot cars, riding them in trunks of cars, or serving them up to be raped). These women do not need to have custody of their children, or for that matter, need to be giving birth to any.

Now, THIS, in Falls Church, VA, we have a lunatic that just dumped her child off on the side of the interstate, driving away, and hitting the child with the vehicle as he tried to get back into the car!

A Newport News woman, who police said abandoned her 4-year-old son on the shoulder of the Capital Beltway and then bumped him with her car as she drove off Tuesday night, was charged with felony child neglect and hit and run, Virginia State Police said.

Channoah Alece Green, 22, was arrested later that night about 90 miles away after she was involved in a two-car crash on Interstate 95 in Hanover County just north of Richmond, said Corinne Geller, a state police spokeswoman. Green, who was charged with reckless driving in that incident, is scheduled to appear in Fairfax County court today on the charges involving her son, Geller said.

“He was trying to get back in the vehicle when she struck him, and then she drove off,” Geller said. Police are still investigating, but Sgt. C.F. Kincaid said the child explained that his mother was “upset with him.” “He wasn’t sitting down [in the car] like he was supposed to,” he said.

Kincaid said the boy, who was abandoned near Lee Highway in Fairfax County, appeared in “very good spirits” when he arrived at Inova Fairfax Hospital, where he was treated for bruises and cuts to his face that appeared to be scrapes from the gravel shoulder.

The preschooler was placed with Fairfax County Child Protective Services, police said. Geller said police were withholding his name, citing an ongoing investigation…The child was very polite, Kincaid said.

It makes you wonder what other abuse this poor boy suffered in the home. Sorry, folks, tie those tubes now, and get this woman some counseling.


Lest you think I’m being overly harsh on this woman, it’s just that I’m sick of these stories. So many children, many who end up in foster care, are f*cked up by drug-addled mothers and fathers, then they get a double-dose of anguish because they are shuttled around from foster home to foster home, prisoners of the system.

Two women that I know here in NC are foster parents (a lesbian couple that independently had fostered children before getting together). They are appalled by the inattention the state pays to foster situations. And they have nothing good to say about the birth parents either, who cycle in and out of rehab, counseling and numerous attempts to get them on the straight and narrow. They are now attempting to adopt some of the kids in their care, because it’s clear the mother isn’t going to be in a place to take them back.

In that case, the mother goes through cycles of rehab and counseling, then gets knocked up (safe sex, what’s that?), and starts the whole abuse problem over again. She’s working on shooting out the fifth baby — and each has a different father that then skips out. The next baby will end up in the foster care system in short order.

The state will not pay for Norplant to stop this irresponsible woman from getting pregnant again. She’s clearly not disciplined enough to take the pill, which the state does offer, and of course permanent sterilization is against the law. But what is the answer? Who will care for these kids?

This couple has asked, in frustration with the situation (both of them are black), why can’t these the tubes be tied in cases like this? Everyone knows this situation is going from bad to worse, and the state is powerless to stop this societal train wreck from occurring. So many children, particularly those of color, are the victims of a system that choosed not be healed (you think a proposal to raise taxes to tackle the scope of this problem will ever pass?).

To get anywhere near solving this problem means frank talk across the political spectrum about the socioeconomic situations and problems that are the cause of abusive behavior AND the personal responsibility of adult citizens who have children that end up in the social services system.



And, yet another, this one sent in by Blender Jim.

Angry mom abandons son, 7, on roadside.

Fed up with arguing, mom pulled over to the side of the road. “Get lost,” authorities said she told her son Tuesday. He got out. She drove off. One problem: Her son is 7. Now Lori Heine, 46, is in the Pasco County jail, charged with child neglect. The reason for the dispute: McDonald’s Happy Meals.

The boy wanted a Cheeseburger Happy Meal and a Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal, the mother told police. He told officers his mother said he couldn’t have any of the burgers she bought. According to police, the mother doesn’t deny abandoning the boy.

“She told him to get out of the car and go away for a while,” Zephyrhills Police Capt. David Shears said. Police say the mother kicked the boy out of the vehicle outside the closed Hercules Aquatics Center at 38110 State Road 54 and drove off, leaving him alone.

He wandered next door to Zephyrhills High School’s baseball diamond, John F. Clements Field. The Zephyrhills Snappers were playing the Orlando Shockers in a Florida Collegiate Summer League game. The boy walked up to a spectator and asked for help, saying he couldn’t find his mother.

He advised the (spectator) that his mother was angry at him and told him she was never going to come back and pick him up,” Shears said, “and she drove away.” The spectator called police at 8:23 p.m. But officers don’t know what time the boy, whose name they did not release, was left alone, or for how long. The aquatics center closes at 7 p.m. Officers took the boy to police headquarters and contacted the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Soon after, they got a call from the boy’s sister, 23-year-old Kymberly Simms, reporting her brother missing. Police told her they had the boy at the station and to bring the mother for DCF to question.

… When Heine arrived at the police station, officers reported that she appeared intoxicated. “Ms. Heine advised that she sat in the car drinking beer and that when it was getting dark she could not locate her son,” Shears said.

The mother told police she tried to look for him.

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