Good news. (see below)

No break and no tears. It looks like Casey just has a severely strained LCL with a lot of swelling. She’s on crutches and should be playing again in 3-4 weeks. She doesn’t want to come home from camp and is going to meet up with her mom in San Francisco for the weekend to go watch a tournamemt that she was supposed to play in.

Her one goal in life is to play soccer at the collegiate level and at her age and development, an ACL injury would have pretty much snuffed that out. She’s very lucky.

Many thanks for the comments and emails….and now we can get back to business.

Bush sucks and here is what he thinks of us.

We await the Conservative Right’s comments on how vulgar this is and how it lowers the level of discourse and….Oh, who am I kidding? Joe Wilson is a liar. Yadda yadda yadda…..

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