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Please god yes – Ted Nugent for MI gov in '06

A newsflash from That Colored Fella that certainly deserves sharing here — the possibility that Motor City Madman Ted Nugent will run for governor of Michigan in 2006, reported in the Detroit Free Press.

As TCF notes below, the potential for political mayhem a la Alan Keyes makes one salivate anticipating sound bites and debates; TCF also muses about the GOP’s other up-and-coming “stars.” The bench is w-e-a-k.

Anyone familiar with the extremist, loony ideology of this perennial Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame reject, knows he has the embarrassing potential of an Alan Keyes for the Republican Party – but, just enough perceived appeal of a potential winner (think Schwarzenegger) for the GOP to overlook it all. Yet, for all his supposed popularity as a Rock legend, there’s a political analogy to be gleaned from the fact that his Chicago area fan base can be held in no larger a concert venue than the House Of Blues.

While the Democrats are fielding impressive state and national candidates for the 2006 Midterms like Kweisi Mfume in Maryland, Harold Ford Jr. in Tennessee, and Elliot Spitzer for New York Governor, ‘retired’, former Congressman J.C. Watts Jr. looks like the best the GOP will ever do, considering the prospective members of the quorum-challenged Black Republican Caucus such as Lynn Swann, Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, and the joke that is Ohio Sec. Of State, Kenneth Blackwell.

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