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“I’m just looking for a nice girl who’ll
let me tell her what she can do with her body” Posted by Picasa

Hey Ladies!

I’m a 25 year old born-again Christian and God is the most
important thing in my life. Family is also very important to
me and at this point in my life, I find myself wanting to
start one of my own. I have one sister and no brothers. My
parents and I are best friends and they have shown me what
being a true christian really is. I’m a senior at East
Stroudsburg University majoring in Sports Management. Sports
are a major interest of mine. Baseball is my favorite sport
and I love going out and watching the Phillies often. I
coach my church softball team and umpire softball games. I’m
also a big basketball, football and hockey fan. Politics is
also very important to me. I believe that the morals in
which our country were based on are being torn down and it’s
our job to fight for God and our country. I’m very proud of
President Bush and the morals he stands for. Fighting
against abortion is something I’m extemely passionate about.
I’m presently training to be a counselor for women at
abortion clinics. Being a Republican conservative is
something I’m very proud of. I spend most of my time with my
family and love either going out and spending some time with
them or just staying in and having a nice quiet evening. I’m
a huge animal lover and dogs are by far my favorite. There
isn’t an animal that I don’t love.

He’s also got a bitchin’ wicked car (a red Subaru Impreza with 7 Bush stickers!) and he’s a snappy dresser…but you probably already figured that one out for yourself.

The line forms on the left right…

Oddly enough on Hannidate, I hat no luck when I entered that I was a male looking for a male. even if I included Jeff Guckerts zip code.


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