Like an evening watching TNT but
without The Shawshank Redemption

Like eveyone else I went and read Cheryl Felicia Rhoads whine about The Great Satan Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Dan Rather John Kerry Frank Rich Barbra Streisand The Dixie Chicks George Soros …pant…pant…pant… Michael Moore, which is better covered here and here.

But I was more interested in Cheryl Felicia Victor Davis Hanson Rhoads mention of The Traverse Bay Freedom Film Fest which I haven’t seen mentioned by Entertainment Tonight or People Magazine or Tiger Beat or Fangoria. Here you can see the agenda for the Film Fest which should have the glitterati flocking to Traverse City like Jonah and the Pod to an all-you-can-eat Ding-Dong buffet.

Let’s see:

America’s Heart and Soul
– Nobody went and saw it when you had to pay for it, so free is good and then there is the air-conditioning which is… gooder.

Charlotte’s Web – Anthropomorphic animals. Although spiders and pigs living together might be offensive to Rick Santorum

On The Waterfront – Union corruption. Betryal. Porn for conservatives. Elia Kazan directed it and he named names which is more conservative porn.

Top GunGayest. Movie. Ever.

Raiders of the Lost Ark – Government secrecy. War. Weapons of mass destruction. Nazis. God. Government cover-up. I think it’s a documentary except this time…the weapon exists.

Best of all is the earlier breakout when you can see Echoes of Innocence with an introduction by Morgan Brittany who apparently is famous because she got an invitation to the premiere of Without A Paddle which was almost like touching the face of God.

If anyone attends, would someone please ask Morgan about the American values exemplified by The Wild Women of Chastity Gulch

It’s quiet in Chastity Gulch, a small town in the Wild West. The men of the village are all in the army and fight their battles far away. The women are getting very bored! At once a bunch of robbers drops into the saloon. They love the beer but are also looking for beautiful women. Will the town-whores keep these delightful men for themselves or will the doctors-wife and the mayors-wife also get a part of the fun?

Screenplay by Lynne Cheney, we assume…

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