US to dispatch crack marketing team to UK

Pity Tony Blair. One would think that, as one of George Bush’s bestest buddies, he would have learned at the feet of the master how to use an act of terror to whip up the masses and kick some Islamofacist butt. But after the London attacks….not so much.

To review:

&#149After 9/11 the United States burned up what sympathy the attacks generated for us in the world and invaded two countries, only one of which had anything to do with 9/11. Oh yeah, also Freedom Fries.

&#149After 7/7 London Police shoot a Brazilian guy in the head.

This is either a marketing problem or because England doesn’t have a Toby Keith.

In fact we noticed, right after the first London attack, that it took America’s Crazy-Assed Bitch&#153, Michelle Malkin to set the terms of reference:


“The 7/7 attacks”

We assume that over pints at the pub hearty British resolve would have been evident from converstaions that included, “Sure I was bloody pissed about that wanker Glazer taking over Man U…but after 7/7, it just seems so inconsequential.” or “Everything changed after 7/7.” But, outside of an ocassional reference at The Corner, 7/7 hasn’t developed that cachet that says: ‘Put me on a t-shirt or use me to sell music‘. Oh, sure you can get a Remember 7/7 t-shirt, but really, lime-green? And the music? Not exactly “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)” now, is it?

Further evidence:

: 30,500,000 Google links

7/7: One.

So what Blair really needs is someone to come in and fire up the troops and rebrand him from “George Bush’s Lap Dog” to something along the lines of Steely-Eyed Rocket Man or The Iron Lady. Unfortunately Karen Hughes is otherwise occupied, but I hear that Karl Rove may soon be available.

MI5 beware.

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