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Fourth Amendment – what's that?

New York City police officers stand over men who were detained briefly after a bomb scare on a double-decker tourist bus in New York City. No explosives were found and the men were released. (AP)

The leash of the sheeple is being jerked again, conveniently when citizens should keeping its collective eyes on the den of thieves and liars in Washington.

CBS has a story posted on the jitters of average folks on mass transit systems around the country. These people are willingly tossing their privacy rights out the window for safety’s sake, and to trust the Bush Administration (daddy) that it will all be just fine. Is this a replay of last year? Good night, the sheeple fall asleep as if they were on the continuous Ambien drip.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Monday the events in London and Egypt are reminders of the kinds of threats “that continue to plague the civilized world.”

Chertoff said the general state of preparedness in the U.S. has risen and “code yellow (elevated threat) is now a more robust color than it was perhaps a year ago.”

The nation’s transit systems remain on code orange (high threat level) following the latest overseas attacks.

Pointing to the need for a balanced approach to homeland security, Chertoff said while the government must remain flexible, “we will lose this war if we turn ourselves into a fortress.”

New York City police and bomb-sniffing dogs search the belongings of tourists evacuated from a sightseeing bus in Manhattan Sunday afternoon. Nothing dangerous was found. (AP)

There’s a good diary up on DKos on this subject, and one apt observation is that you’ll be just fine as long as:

* You’re white
* Don’t have an accent.
* Don’t wear any ethnic clothing.
* Don’t wear pants with pockets.
* Don’t laugh
* Don’t smile
* Don’t sweat
* Don’t have any expression whatsoever.
* Don’t be Middle Eastern
* Be blonde haired and blue eyed

I would qualify this list by saying at this point, just being a tad too swarthy or brown-skinned is enough of a tip-off for law enforcement to search you down to the skivvies, since the man accidentally shot in London was Brazilian. In other words, we’re really talking about is that folks with an Ann Coulter melanin level are off the hook.

My poor brother is over in London now, heaven knows he fits the physical profile. I am sure he’ll have a fun time getting home.

As more than one person has noted to me, Osama scored a TD with his 9/11 plan. A Kossack hit it squarely on the head.

All it took was a few airplanes, a fraction of deaths compared to those who die in American car accidents, and our whole daily living has been turned upside down. Civil liberties have been flushed down the toilet, racial, ethnic and religious tensions have risen, and many people walk around in fear. Increased costs for the so-called security at places like airports.

Our country is coming undone by its own fear, and the sheeple are willing to let an already power-mad, rights-abusing government to continue its assault on our civil liberties for its own purposes.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding