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Eminent domain and Souter's family home

House Blender Paul points to this article on some really pissed NH residents that want to punish SCOTUS Justice Souter for the recent ruling on eminent domain. They want to tear his house down and put up a hotel and condos.

People from across the country are getting behind a campaign to seize Supreme Court Justice David Souter’s farmhouse to build a luxury hotel, according to the man who came up with the idea following a Supreme Court decision favoring government seizure of private property.

“We would act just as these cities have been acting in seizing properties. We would give Souter the same sort of deal,” said Logan Darrow Clements, of Los Angeles. Town Clerk Evelyn Connor has had to return checks from people wishing to donate to a hotel construction fund. A rival proposal from townspeople would turn Souter’s land into a park commemorating the U.S. Constitution.

…Souter was one of five justices who sided with the city of New London, Conn., last month in a decision favoring government power to seize private property by eminent domain. The city plans to build a private hotel and convention center, office space and condominiums.

The 65-year-old justice has lived for decades in his family’s home in this central New Hampshire town, about 15 miles from Concord. His 8-acre property is undisturbed by neighbors whose yards are strewn with rusting farm equipment and old pickup trucks. The house, more than 200 years old, is one of the few remnants of the original East Weare village, which was seized 45 years ago to make way for a dam.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding