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Mike Tidmus: Christ in, er, on the White House

Another gem from Mike:

The religious right’s proposed addition to the White House. The above artist’s deception was based on architectural working drawings smuggled out of the Focus on the Family compound.

I’ve received a tip from my not-so-ex gay mole within Focus on the Family that at the upcoming Just Us Sunday II, Tony (KKK) Perkins, James Dobson, Phylis Schoofly, and Albert Mohler intend to unveil their plans for a massive addition to the White House in Washington, DC. The addition (pictured above) should be completed by late 2007, just in time for Just Us Sunday VI.

Styled in the manner of German sculptor Arno Breker (Adolf Hitler’s favorite artist), the colossal statue of Christ the Redeemer will soar to a height of approximately 120 feet (that’s 36.576 meters for you godless Europeans and Canadians) above the existing White House roofline. With the planned nighttime illumination, it should be visible from as far away as millionaire televangelist Pat Robertson’s Virginia Beach estate and private airstrip.

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