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When will they stop trying the 'gay panic' defense?

Someone tried it again in New Zealand. It didn’t work. Perhaps the defendant didn’t realize that his history of paying to boink a man wouldn’t be compatible with such a defense. Oh, and he stole from the guy he that killed.

A New Zealand jury convicted a college student of murdering a gay stamp collector after deliberating overnight. The defendant, Dick Faisauvale, 19, claimed that Robert Hunt sexually attacked him after inviting him home for a meal.

Faisauvale told the Auckland court he feared he was going to be raped, so he cut and stabbed Hunt 42 times. Faisauvale’s attorney, Panama Le’au’anae, told the jury that Faisauvale was not a cruel, cold, conniving, calculated killer, but a young man who feared for his safety.

But the prosecutor, Philip Hamlin, told the court that Faisauvale was not as innocent as he claimed. Faisauvale even admitted he had previously been paid for sex by another man. Hamlin added that Faisauvale told a friend he took a knife to steal Hunt’s TV, DVD and car. The court agreed with the prosecution, convicting Faisauvale of murder.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding