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Third birthday of DSM : will it get three more?

As Shakes Sis noted, the DSM milestone is an unhappy anniversary.

It’s been three years since President Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair began to construct a case for a war in Iraq.

IIt’s been three years since they fooled (many of) the people they ostensibly represent into believing that the war was a necessary evil, in spite of its being an unnecessary but inevitable consequence of a collective foregone conclusion, at best.

It’s been three years since the governments of two of the most powerful nations in the world conspired to provoke Saddam Hussein into a war, used the UN to deliver an ultimatum that had no out clause, and fixed the facts and intelligence around an unprecedented policy of preemption.

…It’s been three years of fearmongering, divisive politicking, mistreatment of prisoners, encroachments on civil liberties, hiding the realities of the war, manipulating and controlling the media, marginalizing dissenters, seeking revenge on critics, and lies.

Yep, and we could be looking at three more years unless we can take this administration down.

Congressman John Conyers, the kick-ass rep from Michigan, has been all over the Downing Street Minutes and the Rove scandal. He has a DKos diary up, and it’s a fitting item to post, as it is the third birthday of the original Downing Street Minutes. You can thank Conyers for all his hard work in the diary.

Today, I released my current version of the time-line both leading up to and subsequent to the Iraq war, entitled “Last Throes of Credibility: Five Years of Lies and Deception.” Both the full 36-page time line and the summary and conclusions can be found at I owe many thanks to the Kos community for helping me develop this interim chronology. We reviewed every single comment made at this cite several weeks ago, and were able to use a great deal of them. Those not used are still being retained in our files.

However, I am not done yet. It is just a draft, and obviously, the story of DSM, Rovegate, and the ongoing deception in Iraq is still evolving. If you get a chance, review the chronology, and let me know of any gaps or omissions that you see. I hope to update and finalize and continue the investigation based on these important facts. Thanks again for your help in this important endeavour.

You can read all of Rep. Conyers’ DKos diaries here.

Also, The Raw Story has an ace, easy-on-the-eyes timeline that makes it smooth sledding for folks that dare not wade into the reams of memos, stories and news articles on how we got into the mess we’re in over in Iraq. Check out The Path of War Timeline.

Don’t forget to stop by the Big Brass Alliance and see what our group of 746 bloggers strong is saying. You can join the Alliance, submit pointers to your posts about DSM and Rovegate, and use our message board/forum.

BBA was formed in May as a collective of progressive bloggers who support After Downing Street, a coalition of veterans’ groups, peace groups, and political activist groups formed to urge that the U.S. Congress launch a formal investigation into whether President Bush has committed impeachable offenses in connection with the Iraq war. The campaign focuses on evidence that recently emerged in a British memo containing minutes of a secret July 2002 meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his top national security officials.


And what’s cooking on Rove? Well it’s getting even worse for the dude, if you can believe it. From the LATimes, CIA Probe Moves from Leak Source to Perjury, Obstruction (hat tip, AmericaBlog):

The special prosecutor in the CIA leak investigation has shifted his focus from whether White House officials violated a law against exposing undercover agents to determining whether evidence exists to bring perjury or obstruction of justice charges, according to people briefed in recent days on the inquiry’s status.Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor, and his team have made no decision on whether to seek indictments, and there could be benign explanations for differences that have arisen in witnesses’ statements to federal agents and a grand jury about how the name of Valerie Plame, a CIA agent who had worked undercover, was leaked to the media two years ago.

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