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Green Knight book review: Bernie Goldberg's 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America

I had a good laugh at this one. A snippet:

And it really doesn’t take much time to read through Goldberg’s book. It’s pretty standard culture war stuff, and it’s not designed to tell anybody anything they haven’t already heard. For example, his one-sentence entry on Michael Jackson basically says that Jacko’s inclusion is self-explanatory. Goldberg has no need to explain why he’s there. Similarly, his one-word entry on Courtney Love (the word is “Ho”) simply assumes that the reader already agrees with Goldberg. Most wretched of all, the entry for Michael Moore, who is at number one, consists of nothing more than a picture and a single, short, out-of-context quotation (Why the picture? Well, uh, Michael Moore is fat! Ha ha ha ha ha!).

I love The Green Knight’s observation that the only bloggers who managed to rate entries in Bernie’s book are Kos and James Wolcott. [“If I were Atrios, I’d be kind of offended at being left out!”]

The Amazon entry for the book is here. My post on the book’s release is here.

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