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From the Blend homo-hating mailbag

Here’s a satisfied customer at the Blend. I haven’t responded to Mr. “Robert Lundey” yet, but maybe this is just as good as replying. I’ll just share it with you all, my friends (unedited).

Subject: Amazing Website
From: “Robert Lundey
Date: Sat, July 23, 2005 10:23 pm

Why is it that anytime someone disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle, they are a “homophobe?” You stupid ignorant homos who made up that word are so DUMB that the logic of the word as it relates to those who are accused of being one makes no sense. “Phobe” signifies fear, who is afraid of you warped people? Why dont you carry your nasty carpet munching and pole smoking selves to a secluded island and do all the nasty fudge-packing and patty caking you want to. Stay to yourselves so your nasty lifestyle will die out. The reason faggots and lesbos get such a bad name is because of dyke bitches like you who are always pointing fingers and looking for handouts. You call a guy, who happens to be a pator a homophobe because he is against homosexuality? I am no Bible scholar, but I do know there are various places in the Bible that teach against that perverted lifestyle. If this guy did not follow his Bible, then he would be going against God. Lets see support the rump rangers and butches or support God…no contest! and dont give me your crap about God being a loving and accepting God. He loves everyone, just not there lifestyle. I know this stuff and I am not even a Christian! Get a life you nasty muff diving dyke whore!

This kind of dumb*ss is exactly why I blog. It’s great motivation. Not that I think I’ll have any impact on this dude — he’s too far gone — but if I can rile someone up by merely stating my observations about the world I live in, then it’s great to have a venue to expose such wingnuttery and ignorance.

I get pleasure out of the fact that, Mr. Lundey had to have wasted at least a half hour last night (given the intelligence level exhibited) wiping the drool from his chin and the keyboard while he thought about “muff diving” and “pole smoking” as he typed his vitriol.

He obviously had nothing better to do on a Saturday night, including stroking his own inadequate pole.

Karl Rove, Chimpy, Dobson and Falwell — this is your base. You scam it, you own it.

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Pam Spaulding