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Agape Press unhinged wingnuttery nuggets – and open thread

Today’s “news” roundup over at Agape Press has so many tasty tidbits that I decided to share some with you. Consider this an open thread and blogwhoring opportunity in the comments!

* …Alan Chambers says leaving behind his life as a homosexual man was the equivalent of the Hebrews’ biblical exodus from slavery in Egypt. Chambers, who is president of Exodus International, addressed hundreds of Christians at the 30th annual Exodus Freedom Conference, which bills itself as the largest annual gathering of former homosexuals. [I posted on this here.] He said homosexuality is “a bondage issue,” but “there’s an alternative.” This week’s gathering at a Southern Baptist conference center outside Asheville, North Carolina, brings together leaders of Exodus-affiliated ministries, people who identify themselves as formerly homosexual, and others linked to the movement for six days of speeches, workshops and fellowship. Rev. Jerry Falwell is to address the conference today.

* More crap from discredited homo-bigot “scientist” Paul Cameron [last post on this cretin, about homos and DUI levels, is here]: ..A Family Research Institute spokesman says a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals some interesting facts about what homosexuals and smokers cost the American taxpayer in terms of health-care expenses. The Institute’s Dr. Paul Cameron has taken the CDC numbers and broken them down to an individual level. By his calculations, smokers cost U.S. taxpayers $156 billion a year. “For direct medical costs, days at work lost, all the indirect cost of fires and whatever, it figures out to a little over $3,000 per smoker, per year,” he says. But on the other hand, Cameron notes, homosexuals cost American taxpayers $102 billion a year. And since there are so few homosexuals as compared to smokers, he says the individual cost is more than $25,000 per homosexual per year. This calculation is based on the AIDS factor alone, without taking other unhealthy aspects of the homosexual lifestyle into consideration, such as transmission of other sexually transmitted diseases or the high incidence of depression and attempted suicide among homosexuals.

* …Not all conservatives are happy with President Bush’s nomination of John Roberts to be the next U.S. Supreme Court justice. Some prominent right-wing voices are raising questions as to whether enough is known about the nominee. One who has voiced that sentiment is columnist and best-selling author Ann Coulter. And another syndicated columnist, Harvard Law School student Ben Shapiro [Pam: and author of Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism is Corrupting our Future], shares Coulter’s concerns about Roberts. “He’s a stealth candidate,” Shapiro asserts, “just like [David] Souter was. We don’t know where he stands on Roe v. Wade. His only statement on Roe v. Wade came as a brief that he signed back in 1992 … that cannot be guaranteed to reflect his actual views.” The 21-year-old conservative [ATTENTION: Operation Yellow Elephant!] feels Bush should have chosen a judge more definitively to the Right and perhaps even controversial. Shapiro says Bush should have nominated someone like Judge Michael Luttig and forced the Left to filibuster a highly qualified candidate.

* What is the Center for Moral Clarity, and why is this boob running it?…A Christian minister and author who was a key voice among Evangelicals voicing biblical viewpoints during the presidential race last year indicates he is pleased with George W. Bush’s choice of Judge John Roberts as a Supreme Court nominee. World Harvest Church’s Pastor Rod Parsley is the author of the book Silent No More, which tackles American cultural issues from a biblical viewpoint. He also founded the Center for Moral Clarity during the 2004 election year. Since the announcement of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement plans, Parsley says he has encouraged people of faith to be just that — people who believe, by faith, that the President would keep his campaign promise to choose strict constructionist nominees, which Parsley feels Bush has done in Judge Roberts’ case. “The President went through the list of all those candidates and put forth what he believes in his heart is the best nominee to the Supreme Court,” the pastor says, “and I think everyone is just amazed at what a brilliant pick this was by our president.” Parsley says Bush showed not only his brilliance but that “he’s a principled man, a man of prayer,” [Was Chimpy on his knees again?!] by nominating Roberts, a judge who was appointed to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals only two years ago and confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee in a vote of 16-3, then unanimously confirmed again by the entire Senate.

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