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Danger, danger: plastered homos on the road

Paul Cameron (L), the bogus scientist behind the homophobic insert that ran in the Washington Post last year is at it again. Right: It should be noted that Cameron was booted from the American Psychological Association “for a violation of the Preamble to the Ethical Principles of Psychologists.”

Good god. Discredited wingnut homophobe scientist Paul Cameron just cannot contain himself, this is completely unhinged. Gays Twice as Apt to Drive Under the Influence. Here’s this howler from the Family “Research” Institute:

Have you ever wondered why so many gays and lesbians are involved in auto accidents? Perhaps its because they are twice as apt to drive under the influence. 25% of homosexuals as compared to 14% of straights said that they drove under the influence of drugs or alcohol last year. Gays were more apt to drive impaired than straight men – 32% to 19%, and lesbians than straight women – 17% to 8%.

“Driving is a serious responsibility,” said Dr. Paul Cameron, Chairman of the Colorado-based Family Research Institute, who just published the report in the peer-reviewed journal Psychological Reports. “Everybody on the road, not just the driver, is endangered by this self-centered and caviler behavior. This is further evidence that gays’ devil-may-care attitude toward sex spills into other areas as well. As Shakespeare’s Pericles warned, one sin ‘another doth provoke.’ In light of the many social harms of homosexuality, many documented in our analysis of this Centers for Disease Control study, the coming U.S. Supreme Court should overturn Lawrence v Texas, which gave constitutional protection to homosexual conduct. “

Men were twice as apt to drive under the influence as women. But blacks were less apt than whites to do so – only 7% did so in the past year. Black men were less apt than white men (11% v. 19%) and black women less apt than white women (3% v. 8%).

“This blows a hole in the ‘we endanger others because society doesn’t fully accept us’ argument,” said Dr. Cameron who headed the three man team that published the study. “Disturbed people endanger others. This indifference to the wellbeing of others isn’t due to discrimination. Blacks have been discriminated against for hundreds of years, and they behaved more responsibly than whites in this area.”

“This is one of the many findings that clue the public as to why the U. S. Centers for Disease Control has not broadcast the sex information from its 1996 study,” said Dr. Cameron. If blacks, shunned by some segments of society, are less apt to drive under the influence, you can’t sensibly excuse homosexuals on the grounds that they drink because they feel alienated. Homosexuality, drunken driving – both are dangerous choices for the actor and the society in which he performs.”

How soon will we see this appearing in the “mainstream” wingnut press? People, this is what they are after. Recriminalization, re-closeting, and “re-heterosexualizing” fags and dykes out of society, using bogus science and “facts” generated by self-loathing quacks.

Also, I hate to disappoint the “scientist,” but alcoholism is sadly abundant in the urban black communities, thanks to the practice of locating a liquor store on nearly every block in predominantly minority neighborhoods in NYC, for instance. The fact that most don’t need a car to get liquored up probably skewed his “findings.”

UPDATE: this winner’s activities have also been covered by the Southern Poverty Law Center:

After losing his job teaching psychology at the University of Nebraska, Cameron set himself up as an independent sex researcher in the late 1970s, churning out scores of anti-gay pamphlets that were largely distributed in fundamentalist churches.

Cameron’s “studies” falsely concluded that gay people were disproportionately responsible for child molestation, for the majority of serial killings, and for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Gay people, according to Cameron’s research, were obsessed with consuming human excrement, allowing them to spread deadly diseases simply by shaking hands with unsuspecting strangers or using public restrooms.

“Of all the vices,” Cameron concluded in a pamphlet called Medical Aspects of Homosexuality, “only homosexuality constitutes a conspiracy against society.”

Thanks to House Blender LBfun4me for the pointer.

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