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Robert Knight is obsessing about homos again

It seems that about once a month, Bob Knight must have a hot dream about getting boned by a guy. Then he wakes up in a cold sweat, takes a cold shower, prays, then runs to the keyboard, and writes up some unhinged quote that I can make fun of here on the Blend. Here are some earlier gems, which always seem to revolve observations on how powerful gays are, suggesting he’s clearly a bottom looking for a daddy, right Bob?

1. “Because there are so many homosexuals in Washington, it’s a very aggressive community…You have national homosexual organizations headquartered here — like the Human Rights Campaign — that … wield tremendous influence on Congress.”

2. “The homosexual lifestyle is about pleasing oneself, not planning for the future, not setting aside money for kids, not trying to create a situation where the generations come together. It’s about having fun. It’s about indulging in whatever desire you want at any given time.”

3. “Millions of families shop at Wal-Mart, and I think they’re counting on them not knowing that Wal-Mart is openly promoting homosexuality. When it gets out that they’re [doing that] by actually subsidizing homosexual relationships … this will tarnish their image.”

4. “If the homosexual agenda is enacted, we will see the criminalization of Christianity in a few short years. It is already happening in Canada and Sweden.”

5. “Homosexuals dominant the hospitality industry in Washington and are in position to keep tabs on the sexual liaisons of many members of Congress.”

The latest entry, posted at wingnut web rag Agape Press, is another screed warning tender hearts about the powerful homosexual agenda.

Pro-family forces across the U.S. are warning about the dangers of a bill introduced in Congress that would grant special rights to homosexuals. Bob Knight of the Culture and Family Institute says the effort is being spearheaded by members of Congress who want the support of the homosexual community and its big money. “Liberal congressmen have now introduced a bill adding ‘sexual orientation’ specifically to federal workplace protection,” the pro-family spokesman says. “This would be the first time, if it passes, that Congress has created a special civil-rights category for sexual orientation.” This is a dangerous bill, Knight contends, and he feels its prospects for passage are difficult to evaluate. “Right now, with the ongoing war on terror and the publicity surrounding the president’s judicial nominations,” he notes, “I don’t see a lot of legislation like this advancing — although sometimes it’s under cover of big events that homosexuals and their media and legislative allies tend to push their agenda through.” Knight says pro-family advocates are going to keep “a very close eye on this bill.” If the legislation passes, he adds, it could set America on a downward spiral into depravity and, meanwhile, open the floodgates to all sorts of special rights groups.

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