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Betting on Karl's survival (literally)

Anyone taking bets on the Toad? According to a betting site, Karl’s fate is a popular wage. has entered the fray in the latest political storm to rock the White House by offering odds on the future of its Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove. The opening line is that Rove will not be dismissed or resign in the wake of an ongoing criminal investigation, with odds at 1-6.

…The betting line is a reflection of President Bush’s seeming flip-flop on the issue based on comments he has offered since the scandal broke in 2003. Initially, Bush said he would fire anyone from the administration found to have been the source of the leak. After Rove was revealed to be the source, however, Bush said he would only dismiss an administration official who had engaged in criminal activity.

Observers are also keenly aware of the President’s dependence on Rove as his long-time political strategist and election campaign saviour. Since odds were posted yesterday, bettors have been wagering heavily that Rove will not be dismissed or resign. But with Democrats increasingly calling for Rove’s dismissal from cabinet, the President may have no choice but to sack his most indispensable aid.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding