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Ann Coulter, plagiarist

How satisfying. The bony ass, bed-worn b*tch of the Reich, Ann Coulter, has been caught cribbing from other conservative writers, according to The Raw Story.

A column penned by the doyenne of right-wing rhetoric Ann Coulter has come under fire for alleged plagiarism, RAW STORY has learned. Much of Coulter’s Jun. 29, 2005 column, “Thou Shall Not Commit Religion,” bears a striking resemblance to pieces in magazines dating as far back as 1985—and a column written for the Boston Globe in 1995.

A RAW STORY examination found Coulter’s work to be at worst plagiarism and at best a cut-and-paste repetition of points authored by conservative religious groups in the early 1990s. These groups sought to de-fund the National Endowment for the Arts, detailing projects paid for by the NEA they dubbed “obscene.”

…The piece was first questioned by The Rude Pundit on Jul. 1. His post noted that Coulter appeared to have cribbed from a defunct 1993 magazine called The Flummery Digest.

Coulter : “A photo of a newborn infant with its mouth open titled to suggest the infant was available for oral sex.”

The Flummery Digest: “The title of a photo of a newborn infant with its mouth open suggested that the infant was available for oral sex.”

Coulter: “A photo of a woman breastfeeding an infant, titled ‘ Jesus Sucks.'”

The Flummery Digest: “… photograph of a woman breastfeeding an infant was titled ‘Jesus Sucks.'”

Coulter: “A show titled ‘DEGENERATE WITH A CAPITAL D’ featuring a display of the remains of the artist’s own aborted baby.”

The Flummery Digest: “‘Degenerate with a Capital D’…included ‘Alchemy Cabinet’ by Shawn Eichman, featuring the remains of the artist’s own aborted baby.”

Actually, you can’t blame her, because her writing sucks. It’s hard work for our favorite racist, homo-bigot and man-vessel of the right wing elite (after all, her hero Chimpy knows all about hard work). She’s so busy speaking to horny Yellow Elephant College Repug types and pimping her nasty self to the Boy Scouts for $30K, that it’s hard for her tiny brain to actually compose a regular column on the fly. What’s wrong with getting a little bony leg up on that workload?

You can read more about Ann’s klepto work (there are many more examples) over at Ron Brynaert’s pad: Ann Coulter Writes Like Jeff Gannon

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