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State Dept memo had the Plame details

Karl had access to the information about Valerie Plame and he didn’t get it from another journalist. It was right there on Air Force One.

More details are surfacing about a State Department memo that’s been the focus of a federal investigation into the release of a CIA officer’s name.

The classified memo outlines how Valerie Plame arranged to have her husband — former Ambassador Joseph Wilson — sent to Nigeria to look into alleged Iraqi attempts to purchase uranium. The memo also disputes Bush administration claims that Iraq was shopping for the so-called “yellow cake.”

A retired State Department official said Tuesday that the memo was sent to Air Force One just one day after Wilson went public with his allegations. The official said it was not a “Wilson-Wilson wife memo” but rather a reflection of the department’s “disagreement” with the White House over the Iraq-Niger uranium case.

The memo has become a key piece of evidence because it could have been the way someone in the White House learned — and then leaked — the information.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding