One short of a reason-to-hate-him trifecta

Tired of doing research on why John Roberts (and can a name get any more white bread than that?) sucks ass? Here’s two reasons to despise him:

Guy Without Phallic Name:I’m over the moon

It’s John Roberts.


And here’s what I wrote about Judge Roberts a little while back:

Another great choice would be John Roberts of the District of Columbia Circuit. Roberts is also quite bright and strongly conservative. He lacks the long judicial track record, but that is a plus in one sense — it may make it more difficult to claim “extraordinary circumstance” in a way that passes the straight-face test for Graham, DeWine, etc. (trust me, though; Roberts is not at all Souter-like). In addition, the Senate recently confirmed Roberts. This (a) makes it difficult credibly to claim extraordinary circumstances and (b) suggests his strength as a nominee, since he got through prior to “the deal” when the sledding was tough. Indeed, given Roberts’ middle age movie star looks and considerable charm, he’s not a good prospect for a “Borking,” though the Democrats nonetheless will give it a shot.

Anal ICBM:Pop the champagne corks, conservatives. Roberts is a fantastic choice, a brilliant and bulletproof conservative. And it was fun to see Pat Leahy and Chuck Schumer on television tonight; they looked just awful. After President Bush’s terrific, upbeat presentation of Roberts, and Roberts’ graceful, brief talk, Leahy and Schumer sounded like they had just dropped in from another planet. They were dour, hateful, and came across as sad and pathetic minions who have been sent on a hopeless mission by their bosses at “People for the American Way.”

It’s a great day for conservatives and for America.

No word yet from the Giant Throbbing Hunk O’Funk who is still pouring over his Dylan back catalog for some lyrics that he can twist to the occasion.

Sometimes I think this whole world
Is one big prison yard.
Some of us are prisoners
The rest of us are guards.

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