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Iraq Vet group launching ad attack on Chimpy in WaPo tomorrow

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Oh, baby. Boy when it rains, it pours. Bush’s got the veterans nipping at his behind now.

Operation Truth, a nonprofit, non-partisan veterans advocacy organization, is the first and largest Iraq veterans group in America. It’s also pissed at the Chimp-in-Chief’s policies and is taking out an ad in tomorrow’s Washington Post slamming the Administration on its pathetic health care shortfall for these returning vets, many with life-altering injuries. The estimate is $3 billion short of what’s needed to cover costs for returning veterans at VA hospitals.

Here’s just one on the list of indignities, new eligibility requirements that boggle the mind, given the sacrifices made by those in the military:

As of January, 2004, the VA has also announced new rules that exclude hundreds of thousands of vets whose incomes are now considered too high to qualify for benefits. The income threshold depends on where a vet lives, but ranges between about $26,000 and $40,000 per year. The VA has not pushed any enrolled vets out of the system, but veterans who now wish to enroll will be subject to the new rules.

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