Caged Heat

Judy Miller: Queen of Iraq
Cellblock C

“I was trying to get a feel for what her life was like, and let her know what was going on at the paper,” Keller said. “She has been getting a lot of mail, from friends and colleagues, from sympathizers and readers. Very heavily supportive.” But, Keller added that “everyone gets some wacko mail.”

Miller “hasn’t had any difficulty with other women in the cell block,” Keller said. “She seems to be on fairly genial terms with some of them. I think everyone in there knows what she’s in for. She has a higher public profile than most.”

Life, according to Miller’s prison diaries:

I adjusted quickly to prison life. I spent a lot of time working out and getting the body I always dreamed of having. I spent the rest of the time avoiding the rest of the women. I mean – have you seen what women in prison look like? I was definitely an anomaly with my long, tanned muscular legs, my flowing auburn hair and perfect skin. Sure – I got noticed and heckled a lot, but it was mainly harmless and I adapted to my solitude.

Then one day – everything changed. I’d been fortunate and the women’s penitentiary had plenty of space and most of us had cells to ourselves, but with the rise in crime across the nation, we were slowly losing that privilege. I was lying in bed one day, recovering from the 500 stomach crunches I’d just finished, when the guard stopped outside my cell door. I knew it wasn’t time for dinner yet and was concerned about why she was standing there.

She smiled and said, “Looks like it’s your turn,” as she turned her key in the lock. From around the corner another guard came walking in with what was easily the most beautiful woman I’d seen in my life. She was dressed in the typical prison drab gray jumpsuit and she had her hands handcuffed in front of her, but those did nothing but enhance the stunning woman in front of me. She had a mass of straight blond hair that hung halfway down her back, when she looked up at me from under her incredibly long eyelashes I could see that her eyes were a dark shade of blue that I’d never seen before.

I immediately felt embarrassed by my cut-off prison sweatpants and the tiny white tank top I’d been exercising in. I had just pulled my long hair back into a loose ponytail and beads of sweat shimmered between my heaving breasts.

I reached out my hand and introduced myself, “I’m Judy. Pleased to meet you.”

She took my hand in hers and said in a deep smokers baritone, “I’m Ann.”

Her hands were amazing, strong with with unnaturally long fingers. She sat down on the lower bunk and took in her new surroundings. Flipping her hair to one side she looked up at me and asked, “You got any smokes?”

“Sure”, I replied and tossed her the pack of Camels I had tucked in my waistband.

“I’ve pretty much cornered the market on smokes since I’ve been in. I trade with the other inmates. They give me their cigarette rations and I supply them shivs I make from aluminum tubes that I found in the machine shop that were supposed to be used for rocket systems. They’re so popular that everytime you hear about one the girls getting shanked, they call it “Miller time”.”

“Cool”, she said as blew a smoke ring followed by a steady stream of smoke that pierced the middle of it.

I was so wet.

“So”, I stammered, “Whattya in for Ann?”

She looked cooly away, “Oh, I threatened to blow up the New York Times building and all the reporters in it.”

My nipples got hard.

“So…what are you in for Judy?”

“Um…protecting a source”

She snorted and smirked. “That’s it?”

Thinking quickly I added, “Oh yeah, and I fucked the whole country into going to war over nothing.”

Ann’s breathing grew shallow and her eyes grew heavy with lust.

“Take off your clothes. I must have you…”

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