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Kenny just can't be straight – with the media

Dissembling, waffling, Mehlman, courtesy of Crooks and Liars.

I was listening to Meet the Press this morning and could not believe the evasive nonsensical crap coming out of Mehlman’s “purty mouth.” As others are noting (also on Crooks and Liars), Ken is a big proponent of the Chewbacca defense — using a totally bullsh*t argument that has absolutely nothing to do with the case.

He wouldn’t pledge not to attack prosecutor Pat Fitzgerald if he chooses to indict any White House official (oh, like Bush’s Brain Rove, just for a sh*ts and giggles example). He just…couldn’t… Argh…

Russert: You say you have tremendous confidence in Pat Fitzgerald.

Mehlman: I do.

Russert: If in fact he indicts White House officials, will you accept that indictment and not fight it?

Mehlman: Uh, first of all, I’m the chairman of the Republican National Committee. I’m not an attorney for anybody. Uh, the fact is, uh, I look forward to his getting to the bottom of this. I can’t speak for.

Russert: But, but if he indicts White House officials, will you pledge today because you have tremendous confidence in him that you will not criticize his decision?

Mehlman: Uh, again, I’m not going to speculate. I have tremendous confidence in him. I look to him to get to the bottom of this. Whatever he does, I can assure you people are going to follow and are going to look to abide by, but

Podesta: Say yes

Mehlman: I think it would be inappropriate for me as the RNC chairman to say what legal strategy people may take in the future.

Russert: But if you have tremendous confidence in him, then you will accept and respect his decision?

Mehlman: I look forward to hearing what he has to say and I intend to respect what he has to say, but again I’m not going to speculate on what he might do.

Video here. Meet the Press repeats at 10 PM on MSNBC.

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