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Video of Patrick Fitzgerald in action

I dated a federal prosecutor once. They’re kind of intense and the prerequisite for a relationship is the ability to be interested in whatever their deal is (his was Nigerian credit card rings), because they’re pretty much incapable of holding a conversation about anything else. Which was okay, I thought Nigerian credit card rings were quite interesting, although I probably learned more about them than I really needed to know. I think he was always surprised that I ever followed what he was talking about, because with the blond hair and all I look like I’m probably kind of a dingbat.

Anyway, I think that even if I was a straight guy at this point I would have a bit of a man crush on Patrick Fitzgerald. I’ve never dated anyone with a personal style that was quite that conservative, but the man definitely looks like he could Get the Job Done. Know what I mean?

I’m thinking hot.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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