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Falwell was roto-rootered

Just an update to last night’s post before I go beddy-by…

The Rev. Jerry Falwell underwent a successful heart catheterization Friday at the Cleveland Clinic. Doctors found that an internal artery in the 72-year-old pastor’s heart was 70 percent blocked. The doctors at the nationally-known Cleveland Clinic opened up the artery with several stents.

“I’m coming home tomorrow (Saturday),” Falwell said. “I’ll be preaching on Sunday.”


Other news of the night…a diary of mine got promoted to the front page on DKos. That’s a first. I didn’t even know it was on the front page till House Blender Drew posted a comments. Lots of good discussion in there, up to 150 comments on a Saturday night, so that’s not too bad.

Oh, and on Meet the Press, the guests will be: Matt Cooper, Tony Podesta, Ken Mehlman and Bob Woodward.

Open thread…post whatever comes to mind.

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