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Talk to Kenny – GOP launches a blog

Well, this should be interesting…head on over to the GOP blog (set your barf meter to high), and you can actually leave comments (Repug blogs rarely have them). I didn’t waste my time registering to comment. I did foul my keyboard going over there to bring this gem back. Ken Mehlman posted about his little trip to the NAACP convention. The KenBot types, probably with a straight face (ha, ha)…

A few hours ago I had the opportunity to speak to the NAACP national convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I told their members that I am proud to be Chairman of the Party of Lincoln and today’s appearance meant a lot to me on a personal level because my grandfather, Joseph Mehlman, was a NAACP member. I shared with them the message I deliver everywhere I go that no matter how many elections Republicans win, no matter how many times we hold the White House, no matter how many seats in Congress, how many governor’s mansions, how many state legislatures we win, the party of Lincoln will not be whole again and won’t truly reflect the dream of African American political empowerment until we effectively and forthrightly respond to the cause of the African American community.

Sigh. Just what can you say?

Anyway, here are the blogs that the GOP vetted to be one of the chosen few on the GOP blogroll:

Hugh Hewitt
Blogs For Bush
National Review
Captain’s Quarters
Little Green Footballs
Outside The Beltway
Patrick Ruffini
Trey Jackson

Or did they vet this list at all? Oliver Willis notes that the choice to put Little Green Footballs on that list is shocking, given it’s Freeper-level discourse and attacks on Islam that certainly don’t mesh with Chimpy’s official line.

On the RNC’s list of blogs it recommends reading are some of the usual suspects, including Patrick Ruffini, Powerline, Trey Jackson, Blogs for Bush, and others. But one site sticks out – Little Green Footballs (LGF), operated by Charles Johnson, is notorious for being a promoter of and haven for some of the most virulent anti-Muslim and anti-Islam hate speech on the web.

The RNC’s recommendation of the Little Green Footballs site – one of only fifteen selected – would seem to be in stark contrast to President Bush’s repeated proclamations that “Islam is peace”.

ODub goes on to present some damning quotes from the creatures at LGF that are well, unseemly to say the least.

“Who gives a rat’s patoot what this Arab, or any of them for that matter, thinks? Actually that’s a mistake. As Muslims they are not trained or permitted to think.” [LGF, 1/16/2005]

“How can these vermin [Palestinians] have a country? How can these vermin be allowed to live?” [LGF, 6/20/02]

“Perhaps something more like targetted genocide at the religious muslims will become necesary.” [LGF, 4/30/03]

“They [Palestinians] don’t need statehood; they need sterilization.” [LGF, 2/9/03]

“Forced sterilization, and full occupation to keep them under control until the problem solves itself in about 50 years.” [LGF, 2/27/03]

Hmmm. Sounds like the GOP is really the Big Tent party of tolerance and the Party of Lincoln. Guess folks can drop Ken a line and ask him if LGF represents the worldview of our dear leader and his party. The RNC’s email:

Hat tip to Robster at Wonkabout.

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