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Suspect in London bombing a former N.C. State student

N.C. State’s last address in Raleigh for El-Nashar was in a single-story, 7-unit building on Jackson Street in Raleigh. Two neighbors said they had moved in since 2000 and did not know el-Nashar. (Robert Meikle, WRAL)

From NC State’s student paper, TechnicianOnline, this AM:

One of the individuals sought for questioning in the investigation of last week’s London terrorist attacks was previously an N.C. State student. According to a report from the Times of London, detectives are now interested in locating Magdy el-Nashar, a former graduate student who attending classes in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering during the 2000 spring semester.

The Egyptian-born El-Nashar left NCSU that fall to seek a doctorate from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. According to a statement from the University of Leeds Thursday, el-Nashar was involved in biochemical research, sponsered by the National Research Center in Cairo, Egypt. El-Nashar, who received his doctorate from the University of Leeds in May 2005, conducted the research with a six-member team.

According to the Times, London Metropolitan Police discovered that el-Nashar rented one of the apartments searched in Leeds where Police found explosives Wednesday. Officials at the University of Leeds said el-Nashar has not been seen on campus since July 1. Neighbors also said he left Britain recently, citing a problem with his visa.

Times of London article

As usual, the Freepi are completely out of control, with some wavering bits of sanity. Some way, any pathetic way, they desperately try to find a way to blame the Left.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“It’s time to put certain courses of study – chemistry, nuclear science, and related fields – off limits to Muslims.”

“Our greedy universities and their clueless leftist administrators will let anyone take courses if they have the cash. They have no loyalty to the USA, as is obvious when UC gives Ward Churchill a BONUS for his treasonous state-sponsored rantings.”

“It’s time to put certain courses of study – chemistry, nuclear science, and related fields – off limits to Muslims. You may want to have a word with the publishers of scientific textbooks…many of them were falling over themselves to rush to sell their goods at the Tehran Book Fair.”

“How about putting the US off limits?”

“If you can name one Representative, Senator or Governor who favours this, I’ll be interested in hearing about him / her. Until you have at least one elected political leader who is willing to do so, that idea cannot be taken seriously.”

“Let’s put it this way, no Western government is going to exclude or deport a group of people on the basis of their religion. If you said, ban all people from Saudi Arabia, that might work, as Saudi is a sponsor of terrorism. However, banning someone on the basis of their religious faith will go against the Constitutional spirit of freedom of religion, and also hand a weapon to the left. “

That is correct but is Islam truly a religion? A case can be made that it is a political ideology hiding under the guise of religion. [Alrighty then, well I guess we could say the same thing about AmTaliban evangelical Christianity.] While Islamics openly state they plan to conquer nations, we never hear the head of the Church of England, the Pope, or other religious leaders doing this. The US banned Communists from the country in the 50’s so the precedent has been set.”

“I am at a US research/gradaute degree unversity and we are a service industry much like McDonalds. If you are here (US governement lets you in with a visa allowing you to study) and want service–you probably get it. For graduate study, decisions are usually made at or at least start with the local (department/disciplinary) level within the university rather than by some adminsitrator on high. So if US students do not apply, we still have hamburgers to sell as it were. It will take a concerted national policy effort to change that in a meaningfull way. Otherwise the happy meals still keep getting sold.”

“Hmmm… He is undoubtedly tied to John Edwards who sponsored his entry visa. No wonder Edwards won’t attack our enemies” [What the f*ck kind of pathetic stretch is this? Oh, what a howler.]

“Does this kill the NC Illegal Immigrants In State Tuition Plan ?”

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