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House Blend gets another link from Freeperville

I’ve been cited in the land of the Freepi once before, referred to as “a female homosexual.”

Today it happened again. They finally picked up on the “gay” toddler murder story. [The actual thread I found this on was an unrelated one — “Man sentenced for running over his partner,”]

Actual Freeper Quotes™

The homolefties were all over another story yesterday:

[AmericaBlog] Dad Beats Three Year Old Son To Death: Thanks, Radical Right
[The Blend] Dad convicted of beating ‘gay’ toddler to death

“I wonder if they’ll chomp on this one as well.”

“I wonder where that perspective came from. The article I read indicated the father was upset that the boy had wet himself.”

“Do you have some links? The stories I found all said the father was afraid his son might be gay, so he was trying to masculinize him.”

“Links would be good. It might explain why the child was put in protective custody in 2002 and exactly how old he was at that time as well as how old he was at the time of his death. I have a feeling that this is a case of ascribing motives to a brain dead low life to fit an agenda that is being promoted incessantly.”

“Here’s the link I found: I can’t find the story I was thinking about, where a toddler was beaten (I thought to death) for wetting himself. The wording is a little different from this report then the two pro-gay sites.”

They really didn’t want to touch the toddler story with a ten-foot pole. Still no thread of its own on the FR. Guess they couldn’t come up with any snark or even “sanctity of life” statements. That was big of them, the cretins. Hi fives all around…

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