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AFA goes after Diversity Top 10 companies

Donald and Tim Wildmon have nothing better to do than jerk the chains of their American Family Association sheeple over anything related to homosexuality. The latest wingnuttery is a call to punish Diversity Inc.’s “Top 10 Companies for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Employees.”

The editors chose these companies by first counting organizations that filled out its Top 50 Companies for Diversity survey and indicated that they actively recruit homosexual, bisexual and transgender employees; have non-discrimination policies including sexual orientation; and offer domestic-partner benefits for same-sex couples. The publication also studied the corporate websites of the companies to see if they made “GLBT” employees and customers welcome.

Wildmon believes Christian consumers need to think twice before they patronize companies that support the homosexual agenda. While the pro-family spokesman admits it is impossible to boycott all companies that have homosexuality-affirming policies and practices, he says consumers can make a difference. “One company losing five to ten percent of its sales will send a clear message to every company in America,” he asserts.

“Now, obviously there are some companies that are protected,” the AFA chairman points out, “because they are not oriented toward the retail public. But they will get the message.” However, he adds, “Most of the money that’s going from the corporations into the homosexual groups to support gay marriage are coming from companies that have retail products consumers buy every day.”

So who’s on the hit list? The usual suspects, but a few that I have a bone to pick with for different reasons.

* Eastman Kodak
* Ford Motor Company – the AFA had to can its earlier unsuccessful boycott
* Citigroup – this company is on my hit list too — for its predatory lending practices.
* Pepsico
* Merck and Company – on my hit list for the Vioxx fiasco and its corrupt, golden parachute-receiving execs.
* Allstate Insurance – it was already under a boycott for allegedly anti-Christian actions and “indoctrination” of its employees to accept the homo agenda.
* Coca-Cola Company
* D&T; USA (Deloitte & Touche)
* Kaiser Permanente
* Visteon Corporation – this is an automotive systems and glass supplier, so I don’t know how the AFA is going to affect it in any significant way.

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