Brian Cashman: Baseball Super Genius

Hoping to put out the raging fire that is the Yankee bullpen, General Manager Brian Cashman trades Paul Quantrill (0-1 6.75 ERA) to San Diego for Tim Redding (0-5 9.10 ERA) and Darrell May (1-3 5.61 ERA).

In two games May goes 7 innings and gives up 13 runs on 14 hits for an ERA of 16.71.

Tonight (against the Red Sox no less) Redding manages to get three outs over two innings giving up 6 runs on four hits and four walks. His Yankee ERA? 54.00

To be fair Quantrill did give up a run tonight after going seven scoreless innings since the trade. 1.04 ERA.

Cashman is now trying to buy his way out of this mess.

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