Beat me. Hurt me. Call me doughy pantload.

Jonah is feeling a bit masochistic today.

BRITMAIL [Jonah Goldberg]

From a reader:

You wrote: “It was unclear whether he thought Tony Blair should bend over and let Osama bin Laden smack him with a paddle while the prime minister shouted, “Thank you, sir! May I have another?”” Sorry, Mr Goldberg, Tony Blair only says that to George Bush. Except most Brits don’t believe that a paddle is involved in the act of “bending over”. Thankfully, unlike you Americans, we Brits will reflect on what happened on July 7. We will get all of those involved, and we will also reflect on whether our nation can avoid another such disaster. We realize that in Iraq, due to our phony intervention (because of the inexplicable alliance of our PM with your crazed President), tens of thousands of civilians have died in Iraq (there would also be no insurgency if you hadn’t gone there). Just one day, I’d like to see you write in your right-wing rag something about Iraqi civilans dying (or maybe the 17 Afghani villagers that were killed last week “accidently” by US forces). Or maybe one day, you’ll have the balls to go and stroll amongst some Iraqis that have lost family members. Nah, that would just too much for your fat pompous American ass. Looking forward to your articles on the next American invasion. Have a nice day, Cliff

Hey! Jonah may have a “fat pompous ass” but it’s our “fat pompous ass” to make fun of. So piss off.

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