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Treasongate Swag from AmericaBlog

Kill two birds with one stone. Support AmericaBlog and tell the world you’re not going to take the GOP advice to just shut up and forget this whole big overblown non-issue about a throw-away comment where no crime was committed and oh by the way Joe Wilson lied. The Benedict Rove graphic is quite fetching, and it’s available in messenger bags, hoodies, t-shirts, track suits and trucker hats, as well as mouse pads and mugs. I myself am ordering the lovely spaghetti tank. It’ll be a great conversation starter that will allow me to bore even more people with my Rove obsession and maybe get back to other topics on the blog.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

Jane is the founder of Her work has also appeared on the Huffington Post, Alternet and The American Prospect. She’s the author of the best selling book Killer Instinct and has produced such films Natural Born Killers and Permanent Midnight. She lives in Washington DC.
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