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Praise Jeebus: biblical creation exhibit banned from OK zoo

Is there any place the AmTaliban doesn’t want to infest? This time it’s a freaking ZOO. Even though this was shot down, you Okies are screwed if 60 percent of Tulsa residents identify themselves as creationists. Is the earth flat too?

The Tulsa Zoo in Oklahoma is being accused of censoring an exhibit that explains the Genesis account of creation. A month after approving the display, the Tulsa Park and Recreation Board reversed course and voted 3-1 to disallow the proposed biblical creation exhibit.

…Dan Hicks, the local Christian architect who the proposed the biblical creation exhibit, has condemned the oversight board’s change of heart as a violation of Tulsa taxpayers constitutional liberties. He maintains there must be something very special about the Genesis account of creation for the Park and Recreation board to insist on suppressing it, especially when the zoo already features religious symbols in other displays, including a statue of an elephant-like, Hindu deity.

Hicks feels it is only fair to include a display that expresses Christian beliefs about origins since polls have shown that well over 60 percent of Tulsa residents identify themselves as creationists, while only three percent identify themselves as naturalists — people who do not believe any supernatural agency was involved in the origins of life and the universe. Nevertheless, he says, “Based on the content of this material, it’s been censored.”

…Hicks believes the Tulsa Park and Recreation Board that originally approved the creation display for the zoo ultimately caved in to the demands of a vocal minority. He contends that the Interfaith Alliance, Tulsa Metropolitan Ministries and others of “these groups that claim to be all about tolerance and inclusion” are actually “more like political action committees affiliated with Americans United for Separation of Church and State.”

And so he has a problem with the separation of church and state — my Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas (oops, Oklahoma) anymore.

What I don’t understand (and better informed religious people and theologians please dive in) is why is the origin of life all or nothing for these people? Is it not possible to believe in a theory of evolution (not necessarily strict Darwinism) that meshes with biblical creation — some force created life which then evolved? Of course that won’t work for the numnuts that take each word of the (much mistranslated) Bible literally — they believe the earth is only something like 6,000 years old, but those folks aside, what’s the problem with a hybrid theory?

Maybe I just need a morning cup of tea and I’ll have the answer. Or not.

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