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Dad convicted of beating 'gay' toddler to death

He was trying to teach him how to fight…He was concerned that the child might be gay.'”
— Shanita Powell testifying against her brother-in-law, who beat his three-year-old son to death.

[UPDATE: Paris was convicted after a little more than three hours of deliberation, of second- degree murder and aggravated child abuse in the death of his 3-year-old son.]

Out of f*cking control. What on earth is happening in this country? Ex-gay ministries…DOMA…FMA…Fred Phelps/Jerry Falwell/Pat Robertson/James Dobson…blaming 9/11 on homos…it all finally comes down to this level of insane violence, doesn’t it?

Fellow Bloggrrrl Ms. Julien points to what can only be called a bloody feather in the cap of the American Taliban. From an earlier story on with details:

A 21 year old Tampa man is charged with murder after his 3-year old son was pummeled into unconsciousness and then died. Ronnie Paris Jr. went on trial for his own life this week in a Tampa courtroom. The toddler’s mother, Nysheerah Paris, testified that her husband thought the boy might be gay and would force him to box.

Nysheerah Paris told the court that Paris would make the boy fight with him, slapping the child in the head until he cried or wet himself. She said that on one occasion Paris slammed the child against a wall because he was vomiting.

The court was told there had been a history of abuse by Paris. Prosecutor Jalal Harb said that in 2002, the Florida Department of Children & Families placed the child in protective custody after he had been admitted to the hospital several times for vomiting.

He was returned to his parents Dec. 14. A month later he went into a coma and was rushed to hospital. Six days later he was removed from life support and died. An autopsy showed there was swelling on both sides of his brain.

He’s a f*cking three-year old. What is happening, Governor Jeb? Is he going to make a public comments about the culture of life in this case?

How on earth did Mr. Paris (and it’s hard to think of this cretin as a human being) “know” a three-year-old’s sexual orientation? Besides, even if a mother shoots a g*ddamn fairy faggot princess out of her uterus, no amount of beating, electroshocking or any other Gitmo-worthy torture is going to make that child butch up and be straight. The glory of parenthood and the giving of life apparently goes out the window when you’ve been indoctrinated by the level of homophobia hysterics and fear our culture continues to produce. I cannot fathom how sad and angry this makes me, but I can guarantee the Reich isn’t going to take one iota of responsibility for this f*cking sick bullsh*t.

No Freepers have surfaced to comment on this one (yet).

Hat tip back to Paul the Spud.

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