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Black Repug gets the cold shoulder from GOP – but it's better than being a Dem

Here’s yet another facet of the “New Black Republican.” We have the side represented by Fee Benamon, who sees all joy, grace and acceptance in the Big Tent, and now we have the apprehension (but also hope and desire to be accepted into the Repug fold) of Nelson “Joseph” Taylor. He sees first-hand that all is not well in his party — but he refuses to call it outright racism — even though it’s obvious what he’s talking about. He knows that tent isn’t big enough, but he wants in.

President Bush has taken the lead in being historically inclusive and many republicans have privately (with little fanfare) taken up the cause by demanding that, black republicans have open access to the GOP political structure and leadership.

I felt overjoyed by the responsiveness of dozens of my fellow young republicans who warmed up to my wife and me with an incredible sincerity in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, too many republicans are stuck on stupid and are resistant to change. Words can’t explain how unwelcoming the looks, behavior and lack of engagement from some fellow republicans left my wife and I discouraged at times during the convention (despite my initiating with them). If I had a weaker constitution or a lack of self-confidence I would’ve allowed my discouragement to fester into a social/political retreat.

But, I’m just not that guy; so, I won¹t give up and won’t stop working with my white brothers and sisters because I know they’ll eventually realize that African Americans want the same things they want and that there is no need to be so standoffish.

This essay is just plain sad. He wants so much to be loved and accepted in this party; he truly believes in the libertarian principles that used to exist in the GOP. Unfortunately those folks are on the sidelines, supplanted by the strength of the AmTaliban and what he calls the “Country Club” Repugs. Neither wants the darkies in the party. But he speaks the truth, even in the haze of self-loathing.

There are two kinds of white republicans that are going to destroy the GOP if we let them. They are the so called “Country Club” republicans and the “fascists” or “Right Wing Socialists” who hide among us.

I am a proud capitalist pig and advocate the use of Country Clubs (even the ones not open to black folk ­ it’s a freedom of association thing). The problem is that, the republican cats that would frequent a Country Club which, openly rejected qualified black applicants on the basis of race tend to bring that snobbery into the political game and our economy. The hard leftists sometimes find their political rhetoric about my GOP being validated by Country Club republicans actions and they tout this validation at every opportunity while of course, ignoring the rampant bigotry of the left.

The right wing socialists on the other hand are far more serious. They would legislate from the bench just as quickly as an ACLU democrat would so long as; the ruling was something they wanted. Right wing socialism is simply “authoritarianism” that like its leftwing cousin it too assumes that we the individual are too stupid to handle freedom responsibly.

Folks like this are ripe for the picking, Dems. How can we get this man back in the party? Is he too much of a capitalist pig to be concerned about his rights? Maybe so, but it’s a sad state of Democratic Party affairs when a black person is willing to tolerate the abuse of these backwards GOP bastards to join a party that talks the talk (even if it cannot walk the walk). Nelson “Joseph” Taylor doesn’t hold back about what he thinks of the Democrats, and I can tell you from people I know, he’s not a lonely voice:

Regardless of whatever differences I may face with my fellow republicans I know for sure that the leftist democrat response will be what it has been toward young black leaders banging on the door of the powerful elite –­ nigger take your place at the back of the political bus, do not pass go, do not forget to collect your welfare/unemployment check and thank you for flying perpetual poverty airlines.


Note: I posted over at Shakes Sis’s pad that rants of mine on race topics rarely garner significant comments here, which is interesting. I have my own thoughts on why this may be the case:
1) most of the folks reading may not be of color and don’t feel they can speak to these issues (which is nonsense, of course). I talk about all kinds of things that I cannot personally relate to (look at the Freepi, for god’s sake).

2) folks don’t have any real answers as to how the Dems can do anything about this erosion.

I just don’t get the second one at all. No, I do. It’s the whole ball-less factor. Just like the Dems run away from gay issues, they refuse to acknowledge that the base is taken for granted. When I read Fee Benamon’s piece, it was so pathetic, she really buys that the Repugs are her friends…they will turn on her and it won’t be pretty. But what’s the alternative?

In many ways, I don’t blame her. The Dems are letting her be seduced by the lies because they don’t want to put in the public effort to retain the base. They are too busy chasing soccer moms or security moms or Joe Six-Pack – code for suburban, working class and upwardly mobile whites that are working hard to move into gated communities away from the colored masses, as if all black people are part of the underclass. Remember that animated section of Bowling for Columbine?

This machine is broken, folks. The next election cycles are going to be very interesting and very disturbing if Dems run on autopilot and we all don’t put the cards on the table.

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