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Coffee With Bloggers: The Mini Series

My Coffee with Bloggers series continues. This week I met up with the debonair SteveAudio in Sherman Oaks where he kindly consented to sit in the heat and noise coming off Ventura Boulevard so Kobe (the world’s most spoiled giant poodle) could join us and eat a muffin. It was great. As Steve notes, we solved all the world’s problems and still got home in time for dinner.

Today the charming and erudite R.J. Eskow was kind enough to make the trip to Westwood so we could meet up between my classes. Turns out we have many friends in common. I was somewhat shocked to learn that even though he’s been a regular contributer to Skippy, he’s never met the great man. That’s just wrong. I think we are going to have to arrange some big LA meet & greet.

In the mean time I go out for coffee most every day with Kobe, who gets quite testy if he doesn’t get his muffin (I know it sounds a little weird, but trust me, we’re both surprisingly friendly). So if you’re a blogger in the Los Angeles area and would like to join us, drop me a line.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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