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Celebrating 30 years of 'ex-gay' fraud in Asheville

Rev. Tinkywinky’s bringing his bigoted butt into my state. Right: “ex-gay” (!) head of Exodus, Alan Chambers: “We continue to hear from many who are hungry to hear about the freedom we have experienced.”

Asheville, NC (ironically a.k.a. a-SHE-ville because of the high lesbian population) is going to be the site of fraudulent “ex-gay” ministry Exodus International’s 30th anniversary conference. So the homos will have plenty of opportunity to mix and mingle with the “ex” homos. How much you want to bet that the local queer hangouts will be overflowing with out-of-town guests?

The ministry is commemorating the milestone at its annual Freedom Conference, scheduled for the week of July 18 at Lifeway Ridgecrest Conference Center in Asheville, North Carolina. This largest annual gathering of former homosexuals will feature more than 60 speakers, including many experts in the fields of gender identity, counseling, and theology.

Exodus International president and former homosexual Alan Chambers says both the organization and the “ex-gay movement” have seen tremendous growth over the past 30 years, and “We continue to hear from many who are hungry to hear about the freedom we have experienced.” He adds that the world is often unaware of the hundreds of thousands of people, like himself, who accepted the false “born-gay” message and silently struggled with unwanted same-sex attractions. The 2005 Freedom Conference speaker roster includes Joe Dallas, former staff member at the pro-homosexual Metropolitan Community Church; pastor and educator Dr. Jerry Falwell; Christian musician and former homosexual Dennis Jernigan; and Dr. Nancy Heche, a counselor and psychotherapist whose daughter, Anne Heche, was involved in a highly publicized homosexual relationship with actress-comedian Ellen DeGeneres. This year the Freedom Conference offers a new feature specifically targeting young people — its first Youth Day event, designed to facilitate discussion with teens on issues surrounding biblical sexuality.

Anne Heche’s mom llikes making the “ex-gay” rounds. She turned up at a Dobson Love Won Out conference in Seattle in June.

Here’s the conference’s web site. Check it out and see the committed “ex-gays.” They’ve got a “Conference Worship Leader and Drama Team” for crying out loud. I really have to wonder about this chick and her “credentials.”:

Janelle Hallman: Janelle is a dynamic speaker nationally and internationally. She creatively addresses issues related to human brokenness, gender, sexuality and redemption and healing. Janelle is a licensed professional counselor specializing with women in conflict with same sex attractions and emotional dependencies. She has spoken for Focus on the Family and Exodus, and as well has served as an adjunct professor at Denver Seminary. She is the Executive Director of Desert Hope Ministries. Janelle also is a board member of NARTH.

She is fresh and relevant as she creatively addresses issues related to human brokenness, God’s plan for male and female, sexuality, and redemption and healing in general. Her passion is to share God’s word in a way that speaks to some of our deepest needs as broken and hurting people.

As I said, the hangouts will be packed.

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