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Canadian Taliban pleading for QE2 to stop gay marriage

Can the Queen save Televangelist David Mainse from witnessing a homo marital invasion?

This is about as pathetic as it gets. Call me a sadist, but I love hearing about them writhing in pain over the inevitable.

An evangelical Christian group is begging Queen Elizabeth to intercede and stop Canada’s same-sex marriage bill from becoming law.

David Mainse, a televangelist who has opposed LGBT civil rights for nearly forty years through his 100 Huntley Street ministry, is leading the effort. Mainse in 2003 turned the TV business over to his son to devote all of his efforts to defeating same-sex marriage legislation, but is still a regular on the program where he denounces gays.

He’s urging his supporters to write to Queen Elizabeth to ask that she put her royal foot down and refuse royal assent to the bill after it passes the Senate next week.

…”Our beloved Queen Elizabeth II, I know that the refusal of the Governor General to give royal consent would precipitate a crisis. Millions have nowhere else to turn but you,” Mainse wrote in the letter to Buckingham Palace. “Should you act in this, millions of us would surely become more fervent supporters of the monarchy than ever,” he wrote.

Please help humanity everywhere to begin a reversal of this morally and socially destructive trend.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding