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Blogwhoring for Blenders and open thread

I’m way busy at work this AM, so grab a cup of java off the bar and fill us in on what you’re blogging, reading or surfing about…links and snippets, please!

Worthy of your mouse click:

* David Corn’s column today, In Rove Scandal, Spin Turns into Stonewalling takes a look at the White House/Repug strategy that might hold off the press dogs, and the spin machine that’s on full wash cycle.

* Fellow Big Brass Blogger The Dark Wraith has a new message board up. Dive in!

* If you’re a NC blogger, surf over to Tar Heel Tavern and think about contributing to the weekly roundup!

* Queer gathering and activism in unfriendly territory: Equality Alabama‘s 4th annual Day of Equality is Saturday, September 10 in Birmingham. It’s great to see that people are organizing to come out and be out in a state that is legislatively and culturally hostile to the LGBT community. They need the support. The schedule is here. House Blender Kathy invited Kate and I to attend if we’re down that way; Evan Wolfson is this year’s keynote speaker. Last year, the gathering had 150-200 people at the workshops and around 400 at the banquet featuring out financial expert Andrew Tobias.

* The Fixer at The Alternate Brain gives the Discovery crew good wishes on today’s launch.

* Russ has a disturbing piece up, Questions arise over jail inmate’s beating death, that really makes you wonder the system: “Last weekend I blogged the story of Dennis J. Saban, a 43-year-old man who had turned himself in on drug charges in an attempt to make a fresh start in his life, who was then housed with a violent murder that beat him to death in his cell.”

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